Wednesday, May 6, 2009

9 Days being a MOM!!!!

The past 9 days I watched the boys while their parents were away for a cruise.. It was great experience of being a fulltime mom for 9 I gotta say being a mother is not bad if the kids are well behaved and well taught.. As an aunty, I like to make sure they have a good and a great time because i dont want to be remembered by my nephews as a suck and boring So I wanted to make sure they can enjoy their time with me, but of course to be SAFE.... One of the biggest event of these 9 days was Braxdon being a super star of the month for his class, so i was a little nervous because his parents werent here and I know his mom and dad always do great job with things like this, so i didnt want him to be sad, so im new in things like this I invited some of my friends from byuh and his dad called couple friends to come support him...It ended up great, one of the teacher in Braxdon school told me, oh i didnt know Brax has a BROWN job buddy way to go...I had fun with the boys and I love watching them.... I hope they had a good time with me... I just want to thank Brandon and Chelle for trusting me with their boys....


melissa said...

They are sooooo lucky to have you. You are such a beautiful person, I wish I had a Solo here in Twin. So nice for kids to grow up with family and close friends. You are definatly family! Can't wait to meet you someday. Thank you for the comment on mine! Talk soon...melissa

Enjoy the Journey said...

Solo you are the BEST Auntie ever! How lucky those kids are to have so many people that love and take care of them. There really isn't anyone better than the this family in the whole world. We love you all!