Saturday, January 31, 2009

Samoa New Show is AMAZING...!!!!!

Everyone at school was talking about the SAMOAN SECTION at night show is awesome.... So Thursday night was the last night, then the boys and I had the chance to watch it, and TRUST me, it was AMAZING....gosh, it was totally worth going that night, we had so much fun, branson kept clapping every single times and it was a awesome one... hey buddies thank you so much for the fun time you boys... Braydon, Braxdon and Branson at PCC.....!!!!
Braxdon and Braydon came home from school, and now they are doing homeworks....!!! Brax is helping Bray with his home work.....WAY TO GO BIG BROTHER...

The boys love taking pictures so as Gladys....!!!

Thursday is a very busy school day for me, so i asked my friend Tisi to come hang out with Branson the whole day since she doesnt have any classes that day. She is so cool, thank you so much for watching baby, he had so much fun playing with you......

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