Friday, January 16, 2009


HAPPY 2009 TO ALL OF YOU OUT THERE..... Well I know you guys have being waiting for some updates since i got back here in the HULA LAND.....!!! Vii, Tili,Taffy, Lofi, my baby brother Elder Young Yen, Maiona, Chris, Cuz Ise, my sister Chelley and especially for you my Jay... I apologise for being so slack with this and since I got a christmas present from santa this year and GUESS what it is....***** CAMERA******so now i can BLING BLING my page...!!!!Nothing much over here just school, work and church absolutely NOTHING else... Babe, you know im not a big fan of photos, but let me try post some FAT one for i miss you so much, cant wait to see you again... I love you all and miss you here are some photos of hawaii..

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